recovery:Stories of Her 

Inspired by the human form, my watercolor paintings present expressive, nude female figures stripped down to minimal lines and washes of color. My depictions tell the story of women in combat with self-perception, and the systemic patriarchy in our surroundings. My work portrays nude women who challenge patriarchal norms and public perception by reclaiming our bodies and demanding to be seen without sexualization, without shame and without fear. I use color as a writer would use words; to describe movement and emotion in my subjects, with the intention of revealing unspoken feelings that lie beyond the mere physicality of a woman. When reflecting inwards, this series also speaks to my own recovery as a woman living in the United States, and bringing my body back from the realm of public judgement into my own mental sanctuary.

My most recent paintings in this series, the three “Untitled” artworks shown directly below, put forward women wearing the traditional Indian "bindi" juxtaposed against their nude forms. These three paintings specifically are an exploration into how to evoke suppressed feelings that unravel under the societal pressure of being a woman in India. For me, these women are fighting to be free. Free to show their skin, free to break out of the talons of an antiquated, conservative mentality that shames their body.

14 in X 17 in, 2017 - 2018
Watercolor and ink on paper

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